​​The Value of Weather XL

 Valspar's Weather XL paint system is one of the highest rated SMP's in  the industry. It is a top of the line residential product at an affordable  price making it a more comparable investment to shingles.

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​ *Color chips are available upon request

 The Value of Kynar 500

 Kynar 500 is a commercial grade paint system that has one of the  highest reputations in metal roofing. It offers one of the highest  fade warranties in the industry scoring a Delta 5 rating or better after  30 years of weathering. 

​ *Color chips are available upon request

*Specialty Color available upon request

*Available in 24ga Standing Seem, some colors available in 26ga Standing Seem and 5V profile. Please call the office for special requests.

Phone: 912-489-5795

Email: info@bentonmetaldepot.com

24ga Standing Seem Kynar Colors