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Not all warranties are created equal! Warranties are a manufacturers guarantee that they stand behind their product. They hold companies accountable to produce the quality of material that you, the consumer, are purchasing. Not all warranties warrant the same coverage. Our 40-year Valspar XL warranty states that your roof will not fade beyond a Delta score of 7 after 30 years of weathering. This is the best SMP warranty in the business because this is the best SMP paint system.

That being said, warranties should not be hard to attain if a company really believes in their product. They should be easy to understand, and simple to file a claim. At Benton Metal Depot we off a 40-year warranty on all of our Valspar Weather XL painted products. We offer a 25-year warranty on our Galalume, and a 35-year warranty on our Kynar paint systems. To prove that we believe in our product, here is a sample warranty that you should receive upon delivery of your metal roof.